Monday, April 13, 2015

Tooth Pain Worries

I'm hesitating to blog too much until I start feeling like a normal human again :) I haven't got too much to say and am not thinking much beyond eating and sleeping, haha. I'm pretty inwardly/self-focused right now, which doesn't make for great blogging. Doubtful my experiences right now help anyone!

I had a really great weekend - the weather is getting nicer every day and I got to see my family on Saturday and friends on Sunday. I have been feeling a LITTLE more energetic, so I got more done this weekend than the last few. Overall really good stuff.

I'm worrying now because I had to make an appointment to get my recent root canal x-rayed. My OBGYN really doesn't want me to get x-rayed, but I have been having pain, so it was deemed necessary. What scares me more than the x-ray is what they are going to find on it. I know dental work and pregnancy doesn't really mesh. But the dentist said they will work with my OBGYN and come up with a recommendation, whatever they find. The appointment is late next week, so I get to stew about this for over a week, haha. And I am constantly reminded about it by the slight pain in my jaw.

So not much else to do right now other than practice calm and mindfulness. I just have to make it through this month with the dental issues, hear my baby's heartbeat in May, and maybe then I will stop feeling like such a freaking pessimist :)

Namaste, friends <3

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