Saturday, May 23, 2015

Doing what I can!

It was definitely time to get my body moving again - though climbing is out of the question for a while, my last hiking weekend showed me I could still put some miles under my feet.

The weekend was forecasted to be gorgeous - warm (not hot) and sunny! We headed north again to get into the forest. Chris picked something pretty isolated (Siamese Pond Wilderness) to avoid Memorial Day tourism crowds.

I hiked 8 miles - the most I've done since the first few weeks I was pregnant! - and really enjoyed it:

Great to be moving this ol' body of mine! I'm tired now (laying in bed as I write this!) but pleasantly so. We have no plans for the evening but will hit up a BBQ getogether tomorrow :)

Oh yeah - Chris treated me to sushi last night. I'm CRAVING sushi but obviously cannot have raw fish, so I settled for the veggie and cooked fish kinds. We went to a new place that rocked our world and it is definitely a new favorite. Even at hh strictest Paleo, I would eat sushi every other month. I can't get enough :)

I've been doing pretty well - staying active but getting lots of rest. Eating decently well - still some grains but getting in a ton more veggies (veg with dinner every night, carrots as a snack, spinach/banana smoothie in the morning). 

Enjoy the long weekend if you get one!

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