Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May, Weigh In

I'm so happy it's May. Finally looking like spring around here. This was my neighborhood during my 6 AM walk with Koda:

And our tulips are almost ready to open:

It's been a slow start this year, butI'm  relishing in it :) There is little as beautiful to me as the awakening of spring and May flowers!

Since it is the start of the month, I decided I would bite the bullet and finally weigh in. I haven't weighed in almost 2 weeks, because my body has been changing like crazy, and I just wanted to work on accepting it rather than worrying about the number on the scale.

I was about 126 when I got pregnant. When my OBGYN weighed me in early April, I was 131. Today I weighed 132.5!

A pound and a half in a month is fine by me.

I'm excited about that, because that's a really normal weight gain for the first trimester, and it happened because I let go of my weight/scale focus and really worked on just listening to my body, tweaking my eating so I felt good, and never deprived my body of what it needed. 

I always am surprised that I truly can trust myself when it comes to my health and my weight and my well-being. After almost a decade of doing myself harm in those areas, it took almost another whole decade to learn the tools to take care of myself. But I still get shocked that I can do this by instinct... And my instincts are no longer to abuse food or myself. The work worked. 

When you first start the process of trying to change your life, your mindset, your habits, it seems like it will never happen. But if you just keep doing it and you keep working at it, one day you'll find that it just comes really easily. We are able to change :)

Less than a week till my 3 month heartbeat check- I'm so hopeful! 

Starting May off right on this beautiful Friday <3

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