Friday, May 8, 2015

Update on that update ;) And getting back into the swing of things!

So in my delighted excitement yesterday (it was AWESOME to go totally public, because I've been feeling like a huge weirdo just sort of bowing out of life and being quiet instead of letting people know I'm sick and haven't been participating much in life because I'm pregnant!), I forgot to mention that Chris' Cystic Fibrosis test came back - negative!

Phew. From my research, that means that there is no chance of the baby having CF - though my nurse said that there was a super small chance, that's not the impression I got from reading the CF association website. So I am letting those worries go :)

I'm still kind of on cloud nine. We cried when we heard the heartbeat. It is just such a strange thing! I know billions upon billions of women have had babies over the course of human history, and yet, it's still this insanely surrealistic beautiful thing that happened! I mushed my genes with Chris' and made a whole new human, haha, I can't get over it. I can't wait to meet him/her.

Chris is finishing refinishing the floors tonight - we just have our bedroom and the upstairs hall left. I'll be sleeping at a friend's house to escape the fumes. And then we are bringing Koda on a day trip up to the Adirondacks to see Chris' mom at their summertime cabin to celebrate Mother's Day. I'm pretty excited, the weather is going to be gorgeous, Koda loves swimming in the lake up there, and I get to see my niece again.

Then we will spend Sunday putting our upstairs back together (we packed everything in our bedroom into the spare rooms) and getting set up for the week. I also want to check out my city's yearly Tulip Fest, especially because the tulips are really spectacular this year.

So, yeah, things are ok! I'm feeling better overall but still get CRAZY tired around 8:30/9 at night. As long as I keep myself fed, my daily energy levels are good. But if I get hungry, watch out, it's all I'll be able to think about till I eat, haha. I've been keeping up my walking and incorporating one or two 5 minute little yoga sessions through the day. Listening to my body, I just don't have the strength/energy right now to do more, but hope to build it back up over the pregnancy if it is possible!

Enjoy your weekend, friends, thanks for the kind words on my last post! <3

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