Saturday, June 13, 2015

Berry Picking, Healthy Day After Treats Last Night!

I indulged!

I've been wanting French fries so badly, for so long, I finally went to a neighborhood tavern and got some- along with a red pepper/pesto chicken sandwich for dinner last night. This place has pretty reasonable portions and I purposely didn't finish the sandwich or fries- small win :)

I had that treat after several days of eating really well - mostly fruits and veggies, yogurt, meat and just a little bit of grains (either a serving of bread or rice a day).

But, because of that treat, I was looking forward to a healthier day today! It's important for me not to get into indulgence/treat/junk food mode for more than one meal once or twice a week.

This morning, I had gluten free cereal, flax milk and half a banana before heading out early for berry picking. It's a gorgeous day (it's 1 PM now and I am taking a rest at home, a busy day tuckered me out already!) and we had fun - picked 12 lbs of berries in 30 minutes! The farm is beautiful and the people are nice, so it was an overall enjoyable experience:

We took them home and got them washed, cut and ready to freeze:

Then we spent the next several hours walking the dog and doing yard work (my huge dogwood and forsythia needed serious trimming, so I spent most my time on that, we also did mulching and some other random stuff).

Lunch wasn't paleo (like breakfast wasn't) but I'm making better and healthier choices every meal:

I had a garden burger with cheddar in a lettuce bun. Very satisfied and eager to perhaps catch a midday nap :)

I'm going on a small hike with friends tomorrow and then shopping for a friends bridal shower that I'm helping to throw. Should also be a nice day.

Namaste <3

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