Thursday, June 4, 2015

Doctor's Appointment, Junky Grill Night

I had my doctor's appointment - heartbeat there and strong! I'm a little over 16 weeks and feeling better and better :)

However, they took my blood pressure and looked at me in surprise - I think it was about 95/62, I can't recall now - and said I was half dead. I know my blood pressure has been trending super low since I got pregnant (it was always pretty low to begin with) because anything over easy exercise makes me pretty dizzy and lightheaded. But they also weren't concerned enough to recommend anything, so I won't worry about it, just deal with it as a symptom of pregnancy.

My platelets are also really low from my last blood test, so I got sent back to the blood lab to get tested again. She said I am around 100 and if my levels are below 75 when I go into labor, I can't get an epidural (not that I am 100% sure I want one, but I want the option!). Also, if the levels are below 75 - and they are going to test my blood monthly - I have to get a platelet transfusion. Bah.

It seems I am destined to have blood issues! I got those transfusions last year because of the scary ulcerated thing in my stomach last year that made me lose half of my blood. I don't love seeing my own blood, or other people's, but got to deal with what I got to deal with, I suppose!

After my appointment, we went to a surprise party for a friend who just graduated and is opening her own business to congratulate her. It was AWESOME, but I overate a lot. Someone brought local donuts as an appetizer and I probably ate two whole donuts (she sliced up all the different flavors into bite sized pieces, danger). And dinner was grilled personal pizzas. Huge personal pizzas. I ate my whole pizza. I felt full when I woke up this morning >.<

On a side note, my friend graduated with a degree in alternative medicine and gave me some good advice for my diet if I want to support my blood supply - obviously get red meat back into my diet, add lots of dark leafy greens, beets, dark berries, etc. 

I've actually been doing a lot better with my food. Lots of vegetables and fruit, far less grains, a focus on eggs/dairy for protein with a little meat thrown in. Way less junk. But I totally binged at the party. Got to reign that type of behavior in!

They weighed me at the doctor - I am only up 11 pounds since I got pregnant (from 126-137), so that's actually really good and I hope to keep the weight gain moderate. But less pigging out at BBQs this coming summer!

So yeah, pretty good all around. I could always use some tweaking but things are going well :)

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