Saturday, June 20, 2015

Scaled Down Hikes While Pregnant

First, I wanted to share with you that I'm pretty sure I felt my baby move for the first time yesterday! That was very exciting and very strange :) i'm looking forward to more!

So- hikes.

In interest of staying active during pregnancy but working within my limitations (low blood pressure and lower energy levels), me and my husband are still getting out there and hiking quite often, but with far less mileage and far less inclined.

Last week, we did a 5+ mile hike that was super lovely! This weekend, we headed to a favorite local spot, Thacher Park. We left Koda at home so we could do the cliff trail (no worries, we gave him a 2 mile walk before we left, he was taken care of!) under the waterfalls. It's a little too tight and right on the cliff edge for a crazy puppy- especially if he had to pass by another dog.

It is a picture perfect day - sunny, light breeze, 68°. Can't be beat. We packed a lunch and headed out:

We even explored a little cave:

And ate lunch at the overlook. Really great outing. I have over 10,000 steps in before 1 PM today!

So it was a small, local hike. It's mostly flat, and rather easy compared to what I did before I was pregnant, but a good enough challenge for me now! And I'm interested in anything that keeps me moving and out in the world :)

Doing what I can with what I've got, can't ask more of myself right now. I'm about to enjoy an afternoon doze in the sunshine with my cat.. Ahhh.

Namaste <3

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