Monday, June 29, 2015

Treating myself!

So I did a little self care today - the day I started my new job!

I treated myself to a little art by one of my favorite artists:

And a haircut:

So I splurged and spent just under $100 on myself! I usually don't do that (I've been saving like a machine - I normally do anyway, but I turned it up when I found out I was pregnant) but I just wanted a few luxuries today :)

It's better than splurging on food! 

So I'm in a pretty good mood (I've been vacillating up-and-down with my moods the past few days - not sleeping well and feeling like a crazy pregnant lady). I'm trying not to turn to food indulgences whenever I want to feel a little better. 

Hence the treating myself today!

But I have a lot to look forward to this week. I have my five month ultrasound and a three day weekend - two things I've been looking forward to for many weeks now.

That's about it for me - I'm training this week, so I don't have much time to focus on the blog. I'll be catching up on all if yours tonight before bed! <3

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