Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 19

I started week 19 of my pregnancy yesterday - and I spent a huge part of the weekend just kind of quietly laying and feeling the baby move! I get why women, even though we all know this has been done billions of times before, still feel like a little miracle has happened. Having an entire, other, individual, sentient human inside of you is a strange thing to get used to, and also really, really awesome :)

So, that's my gushing.

I'm still struggling with energy. I have a good amount of energy in the first part of the day, but then I pretty much want to sleep for the next 12-18 hours.

Chris and I got a lot done this weekend: errands, walks, chores, etc. We even went to see the new Jurassic Park movie yesterday (pretty entertaining, but nothing will ever live up to the first one!). But, like I said, I spent most of the later part of each day kind of just resting in bed, being amazed that I'm feeling the baby move. It's about a half pound in size right now, which seems crazy to me. But apparently it's really going to start growing from now on. Ultrasound next week and I am very eager to see!

Not much else going on in life. Health-wise, Chris and I are both determined to stay on this good track we've gotten back on to. We both put on weight, and while I am not going to worry about mine until pretty much next year, I want to work on keeping my focus on healthy eating (and not treats!) to help Chris stay on track. Because we both spent a large portion of our teens/early adulthood obese, it is always a little mentally challenging to put weight back on.

I actually think we've done a great job cleaning up our diet since my first trimester (where I just wanted English muffins with peanut butter, pretty much, haha) but have to work on our social eating. There have been, and will continue to be, so many social engagements this summer... and we are totally indulging at them! But since they aren't exactly "special" since we'll be at them every week, there's no need to go hog-wild and eat all the things.

Always sometimes to work on :) We just so enjoyed those years we were eating mostly Paleo and super active - it was new to us to feel proud of our fit bodies (since we hadn't had them before!). And I think we are learning that life isn't always going to have room for the same exact behaviors we did when we had few responsibilities... but we can carve out a new way of being healthy! It will just take some work, which we are both okay with.

Hope everyone gets off to a good start this week!


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