Thursday, July 30, 2015


Had my 6 month check up today: I'm healthy, baby is healthy and growing right on track with a strong heart, my blood counts increased back into the acceptable range, and I gained 2 pounds since my 5 month appointment! All is well and totally on track :)

My doctor was pleased (since I did my "bulk" gain the previous month) but said I'll do some serious gaining in the next 3 months - averaging a pound a week, especially as the baby grows from 1ish pounds to 7-8 pounds!

Eating really balanced lately - lots more nutrition than I was getting in my first trimester, that's for sure. Also getting my muscles back on track, because I want to be strong enough for the birth and post birth times.

Other things are rough: the transmission died on my car, we're selling it and starting the process of getting a new (used) car - not that we can afford it! But whatever, I've accepted the situation and haven't let myself get so anxious herb set that it is affecting me physically.

Having a bunch of other stupid life problems (insurance and crap like that) and also worrying about several friends going through a hard time, regarding their health. It's scary.

Despite the stress, my BP was 94/64- low as always!

So just busy - busy writing my dissertation, busy dealing with this car and financing, busy clearing out my brother's old room then putting the nursery together, and busy just trying to live the rest of my life! I'm tired :)

So that's what's up with me in case anyone was wondering. I'm still reading blogs and following social media to distract me during the day at times, but haven't had a ton of energy to write my own.

Namaste <3

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