Thursday, July 9, 2015

When are treats treats?

Last night, our group of friends flocked the recently bought house of another of our friends. To flock someone means to cover their lawn in pink plastic lawn flamingos :)

It's always fun, and our friends expect it now (which is why sometimes we wait six months or more to do it! Just to get a little bit of a surprise in), and it becomes a fun group activity.

After flocking, about a dozen of us stormed a local ice cream parlor and got ice cream. I've been super on point with my veggies and protein this week and keeping portions moderate, so I decided I would definitely have ice cream with them. I got a small peanut butter and jelly cone, and it was totally worth the splurge!

And then I walked into work this morning and there were donuts for everyone, and there will be cupcakes later.

I had to remind myself that a treat is only a treat if you have it once in a while. And I don't want donuts, cupcakes, and ice cream to become my norm! 

My doctor actually reminded me of this at my last appointment - saying keep treats moderate so that my weight gain doesn't continue at the pace it was (I was having nightly treats for months after getting pregnant! The doctor didn't think I had gained a dangerous amount of weight, but wanted me to slow it down).

I'm consuming a decent amount of sugar every day - it is the season of awesome fresh fruit! So I've been eating blueberries, cherries, strawberries, various melons and more throughout the week. That sates my sweet tooth plenty.

Typing this out helped reinforce to me that I won't have the donuts this morning or the cupcakes this afternoon. I was waffling a little on that (I'm weak - I love sugar!!!) but I know what is best for me and this baby. Got to focus on more nutritious stuff and leave the sugar to the fruit and occasional treat. I have a bridal shower I am throwing this weekend which will have lots of SUPER awesome treats, so I want to save my treat-eating for then :D

Everything else is going well with me. I started my new position and I like it much better than my old one (other than that they made my schedule later so I get home later, boo). But, otherwise, I enjoy my days a little more than I used to.

Baby is moving all the time, now. It's crazy and I'm not used to it at all! It's really special, though and I've been enjoying every second :) I can't wait for he/she to wake up in the morning so I can feel him/her and say good morning!

That's all for now. Namaste <3

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