Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year, New Life, New Goals

I definitely am very excited to see what 2016 will bring - I've never had such a life change as having a baby before (and life has changed pretty drastically for me in the past)!

Hunter is 5 1/2 weeks old, showing a little more personality and I know this year is going to see rapid changes for him! And for our little family :)

I don't really have any resolutions for this year, nothing specific anyway. My goals are just to make sure I try my best to be a good parent, to make sure Hunter is happy and healthy, to make sure I am happy and healthy, and my marriage is happy and healthy. All of those things are connected.

I want all three of us to be active, get out in the world, to learn new things, eat nourishing foods, to stay socially engaged, and to fill our spirits with bright and enlivening things. I want to try my best to start our family off on a good foot :)

So what does that mean? That means putting energy into these goals. To make healthy decisions, not lazy ones. As Hunter continues to get older, I can feel my own energy returning, and know I will be rejoining this world shortly (right now, I'm still spending most of my time in bed feeding him!).

I just really look forward to showing him the world this year. I want him to know how beautiful it is!

For myself personally, my resolutions are definitely to get healthy and work on losing a little bit of baby weight, but not to obsess about it! I had got into a really good place last year of maintaining a healthy, trim body without counting calories or being controlling about it. I don't want Hunter to see a mom who has a bad body image or issues with food. So I'm going to work on myself with a loving demeanor- not a self- or body-hating one. It's more important than ever to have a good relationship with my body so that Hunter knows the body is a beautiful and amazing thing that can carry him through this world!

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