Thursday, January 7, 2016

Weight, Ramping up activity

Things are progressing - slowly but surely  around here! Hunter is six weeks old officially today. I look back at the pictures of him a month ago, and I see how much he has grown, even though it is hard to see day to day.

And even though he still not sleeping much through the night, things are changing around here. Especially because I'm feeling stronger and more capable as the days go on. It is two more weeks until I am cleared for more activity than just walking. But I had chilled out on even walking too much for a while, because I was certain I had pulled my internal incision by doing a little too much too fast.

But I've been getting out this week! Taking some walks with Hunter and the dog, running some errands, going shopping.

And I have been sticking to tracking my food, though I am obviously eating far more than I need to maintain my weight because I want to keep my milk supply up. And I am making plenty of milk, finally. Hunter was growing so fast for a few weeks, because we struggled so much with breast-feeding in the first three weeks, I think he had a lot of catching up to do!

I lost a pound, now at 145. Not much, but a small downward trend. Lost 3 lbs in 30 days - I think that's a good rate that  won't endanger my supply! But best of all, I can see my old body shape coming back as I get more active. I'm not so horrified by the changes anymore... I have hope I'll get somewhere close to normal by/during summer :)

So, despite sleeplessness and feeling overwhelmed, I've been able to stay on the path to getting back to health and fitness (getting more active, eating better foods and tracking what I eat). Just required a little effort not to reach for the cookies and not to always lay in bed (though I do lay in bed a fair amount, taking care of a newborn is hard!). Little changes add up over time - and all I have energy for right now is little changes!

I pumped milk for tonight - leaving Hunter with Chris and am hitting up a girls' night! Pretty excited for adult times!

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