Saturday, November 19, 2016

Down a leg for the year...

Good news: my dissertation is being published and I am done! Amazing - I can have a normal life again!

Well. Until the bad news.

I fell while hiking two weeks ago (leaves on a steep slope) and messed up my ankle.  I just got the official diagnosis, a level III sprain that can take up to three months to heal. I am stuck in an air cast, prescribed rest, ice, elevation and physical therapy.


 So for the past two weeks, my 10 to 15,000 step count per day has gone down to under 2000.  And I am up 4 pounds. I got really used to eating a certain way because I was very active every day. But now I have some changes to make if I'm going to be decently sedentary for a while!

It's a challenge -  we are hosting Thanksgiving, and my sons birthday party the Saturday after. But I'm tightening up my usual, daily meals. Also going to focus on some exercises that don't use my ankle - arms and core.  I don't need all my hard work losing the baby weight to be undone :)

Other than that - things are going ok! I'm reading for fun and watching tv again (Westworld!) and getting to enjoy nights at home (or going out to see friends, 100% guilt free -  no school work hanging over my head). Hunter's turning one on Wednesday and is a delightful ball of sass and energy. I'm excited to celebrate with him!

That's it for me, for now. I might blog a little more, because one, I need something to do and two, it might help keep me more accountable as I recover with this ankle!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Still kicking!!

Hello! It's clearly been a very long time since I have posted. But a few of you have emailed me from time to time to see how I am doing, which is super nice! But I bet there's not too many others out there still checking in here :-) and that's OK, but I thought I'd give you a little update to let you know how it's going.

 I just wanted to say that everything is going really well. I'm not a statistic, I've lost the pregnancy weight, I'm back around 125 to 128 pounds on any given day.  I have gotten back my fitness, been hiking mountains and sharing this world that I love with my son, which was my dream! I am in the process of submitting the paperwork to finish my dissertation for a December graduation. And still looking for that dream job!

 My son is almost 1 years old, he has been walking for about three weeks, has six teeth, and is the highlight of my every day. He is funny, bright, bold, and a sweet little love.

 Things have been going well! I didn't go radio silent because they weren't, only because I've been very busy.  When I haven't been working on my dissertation, I've been spending all my time watching my son grow.  My priorities are him, my health, and then my career. So blogging fell by the wayside! I hope to return to it regularly once the dissertation is absolutely submitted and done.

 I am on Instagram as @mountainwolfe  if anyone wants to follow me! I'll follow you back, I miss the community that blogging brought me.

Till then!!