Saturday, June 3, 2017

Alive and well! Life, hiking, family :)

 Hello! I have gotten a few comments asking me how I am doing, and I am sorry I haven't updated more, but life sure is busy, crazy, full and tiring  :)

I recently got a professional license in my new industry and have been super focused on my family too! Workdays are really busy, because I'm still trying to lead a healthy life so we are out and about ( walking, hiking, playing ) and cooking fresh meals at home in between work and daycare and errands and chores.  Weekends seem to be even busier somehow! We try to socialize and bring our son somewhere beautiful and get stuff done around the house on those days - traveling once or twice a month, too.

 My son just recently turned a year and a half old. He is energetic, funny, sweet and bright! He really lights up our lives and make every day special (even if every day is tiring too!) He's starting to talk and can get around like a pro - he's got a sweet lil personality:  he loves to wear hats and it's a process for the shoes, he wants to sweep, and when he laughs he has a huge deep belly laugh.

 I have no complaints, my friends, which is probably why you're not hearing from me  much :-)