Thursday, October 19, 2017

5 Foods Good For Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is one of the biggest blessings of God over us. Our God is giving us an honor to experience the pleasures and charms of motherhood. Every pregnancy should be started by saying a big thank to God who decided to bless the mother with a cute baby. Like health, every pregnancy needs a lot of care and attention as it is highly dependent over the diet that you are taking in. A good diet not only helps in making up a healthy baby but is great in keeping the mother fit as well.

Pregnancy does not require you to eat some special and expensive foods but a variety of foods that should contain a good ratio of all the nutrients required. You should take a balanced diet and there are also certain foods that should be avoided. So it is necessary for you to understand which foods are good for the pregnant women and in which amount.
With the start of pregnancy, mothers often think that they need to eat more. Yes you should eat a bit more but not equal to the food of the two persons. After all, the baby is not a person but a tiny little being. Use your body as an indicator to judge the amount of food you should take. You will feel hungry for sure if your body needs some food. Moreover, you need to consult your nutritionist or a naturopathic doctor if you think you are eating more or less than the requirement. It often happens that some women are less hungry but they eat more after knowing that they are pregnant and then they get habitual of eating more than required. Make sure you would not cross that line.

 I think all pregnant women should have a good idea of which foods they should take. If the mother is lacking any basic nutrient in her body, it will affect her baby for sure. The aim of writing this post is make people aware of the healthy food requirements of the pregnant women. She should know whether she is taking food from all different food groups or not making up a good balance. Let us look at some of the foods that are very much necessary, beneficial and healthy for a “Mom-To-Be”

Fruits and Vegetables

The significance of fruits and vegetables cannot be ignored in pregnancy as they contain
fibers and all nutrients that are required by body. Oranges are the great sources of vitamin C, folic acid and potassium known for keeping the blood pressure in control. Apples are rich in iron. Your daily intake of fruits and vegetables should be three vegetables and two fruit. One glass of apple or orange juice being rich in vitamin C should be taken every day. Vegetables especially green leafy play a vital role in providing necessary nutrients required in pregnancy. Yellow vegetables, yellow fruits and green leafy vegetables contain vitamin A which is important for healthy bones, eyes, skin and cell growth. Apart from that, figs and dates are also a rich source of iron and should be taken in every pregnancy.

Red Meat

Being a rich source of iron, protein, vitamins and nutrients, red meat should be a high
priority meat in pregnancy. Some people say that red meat is not good for health. All you need to do is to search for organic meat which is leaner and contains omega-3. Omega-3 is good for the fetus nervous system and brain development. Red meat contains the following nutrients:-
·       Protein: Good for the growth and development of a baby. Provides the structure and function of many systems of human body. Pregnant women need 75 and 100 grams of protein every day.
·       Iron: Red meat provides 3 milligram of iron per serving. It is recommended by the American Pregnancy Association that a pregnant woman should take meat two to three times daily. 3 ounces of meat make up 1 serving.


Yogurt is a really healthy food for pregnancy recommended by all medical experts. Just
like other daily products, you just need to make sure whether it is pasteurized or not and prefer the pasteurized one. Yogurt contains more calcium than milk and a great source of protein as well. Three containers of yogurt per day should be a reasonable intake. Yogurt also reduces the risk of yeast infections with active cultures. Its daily intake reduces the risk of suffering from preeclampsia. Women suffering from preeclampsia have high blood pressure and high amount of protein in urine. In short, yogurt is really essential for the health of all pregnant mothers and their babies and should not be missed at any cost.


Daily products are really good for pregnant mothers especially milk. All dairy products are
good for the bones and teeth of the fetus as long as they are pasteurized. Pasteurized milk is produced without artificial hormones, pesticides and antibodies and contains extra omega-3. Milk is a good source of calcium, protein, riboflavin and vitamin D. Vitamin D good for the development of fetus skeleton bones and is also needed to transport calcium to fetus through the umbilical cord. Milk also helps in digestion and increases the appetite of a pregnant woman. Every pregnant woman should take about 4 cups of milk everyday to meet the requirements of calcium in both the baby and the mother.


"Beans, beans, and good for the heart /the more you eat”
Beans are one of the best foods in pregnancy because they contain fewer calories and
more nutrients, meeting the needs of a pregnant mom without making her fat. This was acknowledged by Dr. Miriam Stoppard in her book "Conception, Pregnancy and Birth” .Kidney beans contain carbohydrates and low-fat proteins making them a perfect food to choice during pregnancy.

Beans are rich in iron, fiber, protein, folate calcium and zinc. Black beans, pinto beans, white beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, and kidney, garbanzo, or soy beans contains a large amount of protein and fiber. As baby grows in a mother’s womb, it needs more nutrients that may not be fulfilled by mother’s body. Beans contain the major nutrients that are good for your baby growth with minimal amount of calories. So if you are pregnant, you must not miss beans at all.

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