Saturday, October 21, 2017

How To Handle Your Child Smartly

Being parents, the most precious treasure we have is our children. We can’t deny our love for them everyday no matter how hard it is. Every mother is majorly concerned for her child and she wants him/her to become responsible, mature, harmless and ready to face this world. But at the same time, we should keep in mind that children will not follow what they are listening but will surely do what they are observing. In this article, I would like to share some tips to improve your child’s behavior.

Be A Role Model

So first of all we as parents have to become a role model for them because contradiction between saying and doing will destroy your child’s behavior and trust over you. If you want to teach them discipline, discipline yourself first. Speak truth, keep promises even with children, be punctual, and be kind, loving, affectionate and polite. Your children will automatically become what you are.

You Time & Love- Most Important Ingredient

What matters the most in a child’s physical and mental growth is that one ingredient “Love” and that should be the most. According to a research, every toddler needs minimum eight touches from their parent’s side. Show your love and tell them that they are the most important people on earth for you but never side them in a wrong way. Be just as well

Keep Your Authority

Be friendly with your children but keep the authority in your hand. Respect should always be there and should not be compromised at any cost. If kids are disobeying you, give them bad consequences. E.g if kids came back from party late, they cannot attend the next party with your friends. If kids disobeyed their parents, they can’t go to park that day. Catch them with their weaknesses and stay stiff. Always implement the threats otherwise you will lose both obedience and respect.

Make Rules And Regulations

Children get disciplined at home. If home is based on rules and regulations and their proper implementation is done, children will be raised as organized individuals for sure.

Assign them Responsibilities

I once read a quotation
“if you want your children to stay on ground, assign them responsibilities”
Make them responsible by assigning them duties according to their age and prepare them to face the world. But make sure to keep a balance so that they would not be over burdened. For example, you can train toddlers to drink water on their own, eat on their own. School going kids should put lunch boxes in their bags themselves, take out copies for homework and put them back themselves. In the beginning, you can make deal to do these chores together to make them habitual and then later after few months, ask them to do it themselves.

Assign Days For Certain Tasks

There are certain things that your kid should not do every day and you can also not omit it completely. Like eating junk food, watching cartoons on you tube. Normally, I give junk food to my daughter once a week on Monday & she watches cartoons on you tube on Friday (under my supervision). This trick helped me a lot in limiting the things I did not want her to do every day.

Limit screen time                                                                                                       

As smart phones are everywhere, we cannot cut it completely but we can limit its usage. Tell your children that they can use smart phones for once in a day for 20 – 30 mins. In the same way, TV time should also be not more than 2 hours. Increased screen time results in increased aggression, poor communication, week eye sight and severe screen addiction. Electromagnetic radiations that are omitted from such devices can harm bones of children less than 12 years.

Keep Yourself Calm When They Show Extreme Behavior

Every time your child shows extreme behavior try to keep yourself calm. Tell him reason for once why this thing is not possible now and then ignore him. For example, you went to a toy store with your kid. Inform him before leaving the house that we are going to purchase toy for some kid who is having birthday soon and not going to buy toy for him. If he starts showing extreme behavior in the shop just ask politely that we came here to buy present for someone else and then ignore him for some time. He will settle soon after sometime.

Keep Rewards                                                                                                                                                               

There are certain tasks that you want your children to do independently and you do not know how to. For example, you want your child to get ready for school himself on time. You can keep some reward for task. If he gets ready on time, mark his points and then on weekend give him some reward based on his points. This will provide your kid with motivation for that certain task and that will later be turned into his habit.

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