Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How To Keep Your Cat Happy

Being the most loving and polite pet, cat has always been preferred by pet lovers. Though many people are fond of keeping dogs as well, but there are certain characteristics that indicate cats as a better choice to keep when compared with dogs. Cats are much cleaner than dogs and they treat your guests politely. Cats provide less harm to babies in the house and are not noisy as compared to dogs. Moreover, cats are less demanding as compared to dogs and can be kept alone all day long. Unlike dogs, you don’t have to take them out everyday and they can spend time alone at home as they do not need your constant attention.
Keeping a cat should not only be taken as fun only but it’s a big responsibility. We should always look for ways through which we can keep our cat happy. I have seen many people who keep pets, feed them but they do not give them what they need the most that is your quality attention. A research shows that cats strive to stay happy.
Although you don’t have to do much to keep your cat happy but there are certain things you need to do on regular basis. Always be careful in giving moderate attention to cats and give them space as well. Do not over do things and always keep a balance.

1.      Pay Quality Attention

Although cats are less demanding as compared to dogs still they need their part of attention to stay  happy. Everyday take out sometime and schedule play with your cat. Once the cat will be habitual, next time it will remind you itself by jumping in front of you at the specified time. This will result in 

assuring cat that its owner care for it, gives it time and will make it happy. Apart from all this, playing games with indoor cat everyday will provide it a good exercise and is good for its health too. Love your cat often. It will not only relax you but your cat as well and will make your bonding strong with the passage of time.

2.      Enrich your house with cat toys
Make sure that you keep a number of cat toys in your house for cat’s entertainment. Cats love to play 
everyday. Your cat will be less demanding with you this way and even if you could not manage to give it time, it can spend much time playing with those toys alone. It will not only keep the cat happy but also provides a good physical activity without any effort of the owner. A number of cat toys are available in the market these days such as balls containing catnip and fluffy balls on a string. Hang toys on shelves with string or elastic so that cat would have to jump to reach up to them. Scatter toys in different places in the house so that cat would find and play with them. Keep different type of balls in the house as cats love to play with balls many times in a day.

3.      Understand cat’s Nature (Arrange a scratching post, eats insects, do not train punish it for licking)
There are many things that are in the nature of cats. Scratching is one such habit that  you can not stop a cat to do so. Many people that lack knowledge regarding cat’s nature punish cats for scratching which is unfair to them. No matter, how badly you punish but still you can not stop the cat from scratching that God made it to learn. To save your sofas, curtains from scratching you should always keep a scratching post that is available in the markets easily. While training a cat, every time it starts scratching, place the cat on the scratching post. Within few days it will be trained. Another thing that lies in cat’s nature and you should mind it is eating insects including flies.

4.      Keep the litter box cleaned
Another important thing that should never be ignored is keep the litter box cleaned. The  best way to do is to change the clay everyday. Cleaning the litter box everyday is as important for cats as for humans to clean their toilets. Research has proved that cats have the same bitter feelings after finding the dirty litter box as .humans have when they see a dirty toilet. Like humans, cats also want a clean toilet every time they have to use it but this seems quite difficult for the owner so, at least the clay should be changed daily. Moreover, Cat’s food should also not be kept near the litter box. Cats have a bad feeling this way. Whatever you like for yourself should be preferred for cats as well.

5.      Feed her well
You should be well aware of the food needs of your cat specially its likings and disliking.
In order to keep your cat happy, you should not always feed it with one type of food. Minimum two different foods should be given to it every day for example, cat food and biscuits as well. Same type of food every day bore them. Moreover, food container should contain at least some food so that every time it gets hungry, it will not have to wait for its owner to give food but make sure the food quantity should not exceed its maximum limit. Keep the containers cleaned once they are dirty to make your cat happy.

6.      Give cat Independence
For cats, attention is as important as independence is. You have to make sure to keep a balance between the attention and independence you are giving to your cat. Do not over do when giving attention is concerned. Cats should be given a separate room if possible or a separate cat house where no one should disturb them once they want to enjoy independence and sleep. I’ve seen many cat owners who do not consider giving a separate place to a cat and children often do not let cats take rest when they really want to. It is really quite disturbing for the cats. Obviously, once you let the cat enjoy independence, it will surely return back to you with a better mood.

7.      Vaccination
Cat owners should be in contact with a veterinary doctor to give it vaccination at a proper time. Any
negligence shown in this aspect can be life threatening to the health and of course the happiness of your cat.

8.      Protection
Whichever pet you’re keeping becomes your responsibility and you
should perform it fully. Indoor cats should be provided sufficient protection so that no one could harm them physically and emotionally. Doors and windows should not be left open as cats can go out or a wild cat can get in and harm your cat. Wild cats are much stronger than indoor cats and if your cat goes out, there are great chances of its return with an injury. Moreover, cats should be saved from kids in the house as they do not know how to treat them carefully. I’ve seen many kids snatching cat’s hairs, disturbing them while sleeping and torturing them psychologically by making them do the things they do not want. Elders at home should play their role and stop their children to treat their cats this way because cats are very sensitive animals and they keep grudges for those who tease them.

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