Friday, October 20, 2017

How To Keep Your Parents Happy

The meaning of unconditional love is truly understood by parents because God has dwelled love in their hearts for their children. No matter you treat them with good attitude or a bad one, they will love you in all circumstances and this quality differentiates them from the rest of the world. The basic problem with a child-parent relationship is that God has planted love in the heart of the parents but not all children love their parents the way they should love. In all Holy books, there is a certain point to be noted. God has always asked children to obey and look after their parents but there is not even a single statement that asks the parents to take care of their children because God knows that He does not need to tell them to do so as they’ve already being programmed to love their children unconditionally.

Children do love their parents as well but not as much as parents do. They often do not know the ways to make parents happy the way they should and in many ways they hurt their parents.  Hurting parents in this world will never make you successful in this life and the hereafter as their prayers always accompany you and ease your difficulties in the ways we do not understand. God has given them high ranks because mothers keep you in her womb for nine months with pain and then takes care of you when you needed care the most as a baby. Your father worked day and night just to feed you and his wife setting his own priorities behind. Many children think that it’s the duty of parents to take care of their children. Never take the efforts of your parents for granted. Many times they sacrificed the things they loved just for their children. Their life is full of sacrifices so they deserve your care and respect. Many children realize the real contribution of parents in their lives when they themselves become parents. I want you to realize this earlier especially in your teens when children often think their parents to be their rivals. This perception is wrong. If you do not understand why are they stopping you to do things independently and keeping you in limits, you should know that you are too immature to understand the significance. Still obey them and within few years, you will know the reason and will be satisfied.

The realization of how children should treat their parents is very important and the purpose of writing this article is an effort to do so.

Time then money

The most important thing that you, as a child, should give your parents is your time. As soon as parents get old, they need your time more and become more sensitive. Realizing responsibilities, many children think that they should look after their parents by sending them money only. Money is important for them as well but your attention is of more priority than money. So, you should give them both. Even if you’re too busy, spend at least 1 hour with them and find out which any problems they have or anything they need for which they are dependent over you. Sort out their issues if any and this is the best way they will feel that you care for them.


Obedient children are always loved and appreciated by parents. You should try to obey your parents as much as you could unless they ask you to do something unethical. It might be possible that you disagree with them several times on many issues. In that case convey them politely that you think about it this way. If they do not understand, do not try to win the argument with them. Be quiet and do not shout even if you do not agree but never do anything that God does not want you to do for them. You should always try to maintain respect in this relationship because your parents look after you when you were a baby. They do not feel good emotionally if you argue with them rudely on any matter.


If any deserve your maximum care in this world then those are your parents. They look after you and sacrificed many things for your happiness through out your life so you should try to take care of them to the most. Help them in their daily chores, make up their cupboard, bring the things that they need from market, look after them if they are ill and give them food on proper timings if they are old. If you are going somewhere meet them before leaving and let them know if you’re travelling somewhere that you reached them safely. Call them daily if you’re away from them. Take care of their friends and relatives as this makes them happy when you have a positive attitude with their loved ones.

Be Grateful

One of the most important things is that you must make your parents realize how much you are grateful for their efforts that they put in to make you a person you are today. Expressing feelings is difficult but as far as you’re dealing with humans it is an essential ingredient in informing them how much you love them. Be thankful to them for the care they give you and never show them that you get irritated when they are concerned about your well-being.


Surprise them with gifts and do not wait for a particular occasion. Always keep track of their needs and likes and meet them by gifting them things that they need the most. For example, if your mother likes roses, bring her a bunch of roses someday. She will feel herself very special and will be happy to have it from her child. Make their favorite dish as a surprise.


As soon as parents are getting older, you have to show them more patience. Old age itself is a disease and people get more difficult and bitter as they are getting older. Always treat them with patience and never scold them or speak rude to them. If they scold you, listen them carefully and convey your point politely. Many problems arise when you’re dealing with old people. Sometimes they can not listen to you because of the malfunctioning of the ears and sometimes they forget things and start scolding their children even when they did not make mistake. Do not take it serious and be patient. You should always know that you heaven and hell lies in their happiness and sorrow. Make them happy and God will make you a successful person in this world and the hereafter.

Pray for them

Being a good child, you should pray for your parents’ everyday for their good health and a better life in both worlds. If they are ill or facing problems in their life, pray for the ease of their pains. God listens to the prayers of children for their parents and the prayers of parents for their children.

Good deeds

Be a good human being and a do good deeds. Never do anything that makes them feel embarrassed. You should work hard to get good grades in school and word hard in your job. No one becomes as happy as your parents on your success. Always avoid bad acts such as crimes, cheating anyone, taking drugs, being dishonest etc. Your good attitude and good character are the two things that make your parents feel proud of you because they played a major role in making you a person you are today.

Old homes

Never ever send your parents to old homes. Always keep them with you once they are old and take care of them no matter how difficult it is for you. Relations are more important than time and money. Never sacrifice your relations for these two things. All of the Holy Books advise humans to take care of their parents. By leaving to old homes you are getting rid of their responsibility but make sure not to do something with your parents that you do not like for yourself. They took good care of you when you were a child and now they do not deserve this and whatever you do will be returned back to you. This is the rule of the world.

Balance between your spouse and parents

Your parents and your spouse both are important in your lives. While dealing with both, there is more responsibility on your shoulders to keep justice between both of them. Give time to parents and a separate time to your spouse as well. If you are sitting with everyone do not consider it to be giving time to your spouse too. If you want that your spouse would love your parents too and do not take them as a burden, give him/her separate time in room as well. When you are giving him/her privacy, he/she will not feel you parents to be a hurdle in your relationship and will respect and love them more. At least once a week you should go out with your spouse alone to give him/her space to enjoy time with you. Never ever side your parents or your spouse when your spouse or parents talks about some problem regarding each other respectively and be just. Admitting their mistakes cools down the person who has problem where as taking wrong side inducts hatred in their hearts for the other party. If you keep a good balance between your parents and your spouse, they both will go along better with each other resulting peace and happiness in your home.

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