Thursday, March 15, 2018

7 traits of a jealous person

“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.” – William Penn

Nothing is more dangerous than the presence of a jealous person around you. To keep ourselves happy, it is extremely important to surround ourselves with positive energies and a jealous person has the art to ruin that happiness. So it is essential to know the traits of a jealous person because these people can harm us in any form because of their inner envy. We can control our behavior in any situation but not others. We should always be able to identify them to save ourselves from their evil plans and evil eyes. Below mentioned points are particularly helpful in identifying a person’s envy.

Your Happiness makes them angry

Every time you achieve success or share some good news with jealous person, notice their expression as soon as you inform them. Though they will congratulate you right after hearing about your success, but you will be surprised to see an expression of anger on their face as if they did not like something about it and you wonder what happened to them.

Ruin your happiness

Jealous people try their best to give credit of your success to someone else and not you. For example, if you inform them about your promotion they respond like “You got promotion because of your good terms with your boss” which means not because of your efforts. Their statements can easily turn your joy into a bad feeling.

Always compete with you

Jealous people do not like you because they think you are at upper hand and consequently, they are always in competition with you. Many times they copy you in different ways. If you ever get a chance to go on shopping with them, if you select some product for yourself they want the same for themselves. Or if you buy mobile for yourself, they want the same mobile or some other mobile that is more expensive than yours just to compete with you.

Become companions of your enemies

If ever someone disagrees with you on something, jealous people will always side the one who is against you or your beliefs because they got a chance to let you down through someone else’ hands.

Celebrate your failures

Sometimes when you share your failures with jealous people, rather than showing sympathy you will notice a sense of satisfaction on their face and they will look glad for a moment for no reason. You wonder what made them happy though they pretend to be your friend. That’s the magic of jealousy !!

Always justify ‘jealousy’ emotion

Just say that one sentence in front of a person to check him
“Is it okay to feel jealous for the good things in other people’s lives?”
Jealous people will respond like “yes, it’s natural. It’s in human nature”
Where as a positive person will respond like
“No, no matter what !! we should not get jealous of others. If we like something they have and we don’t have, we can pray to God for that but should never think of snatching it”
This one question will out stand a person with envy and the one with positive behavior.

Hate you for no reason

Sometimes it happens that there are some people who dislike you for no reason. Sometimes you notice them stare you with anger or they do not let go of a chance to insult you in crowd. You wonder that I have never done anything wrong with them, why are they against me. Don’t worry !! the problem lies with them because they are jealous of you because of your good traits.

Final words

Just identify such people, avoid them, ignore them and kick them off your friends list.

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